Get the Daimler Limosuine (7 seater) two ways for just £250 *call for details*

The Daimlers


The "Duchess" Daimler DS420

'Daimler have been used by the Royal family for generations, synonimus with classical British elegance.'... - Wilcox and Co Coachbuilders  

Used by the British, Danish and Swedish royal houses, this elegant and spacious 5 seater is perfect for the Bride and can even accommodate her entourage. It is perfectly finished inside with luxurious grey leather including the two fold away seats, highly polished walnut veneers and even a champagne cocktail bar. This  richly furnished interior is easily accessible with the large rear doors and generous roof height; from the beautifully maintained 'Old English White' coachwork to the exterior with its extensive and again beautifully presented chrome features. 

The Daimler Limousine by Wilcox

'Wilcox Limousines are Coachbuilders recognised for their constantly innovative designs, creative flair and years of experience guaranteeing first class vehicle designs'...

'Experience luxury like no other with the Daimler Limousine designed in exclusive partnership between Wilcox Limousines and Jaguar cars since 1969'... 

- Wilcox and Co Coachbuilders  

This prestige 7 seater with increased roof height, has its coachwork finished in 'Old English White' and has a vast array of Chrome features to the exterior. With a glass divide which is inscribed with the infamous wedding poem ... "Here's to Love and Laughter & Happily Ever After!"; polished walnut veneers and luxurious grey leather and crush velour seats; the Daimler is an obvious choice for the travel of the Bridal party including her Bridesmaids.

The Perfect Pair

These two majestic Daimlers, match perfectly. The "Duchess" has been purposely matched by the Daimler with their identical coachwork and their elegant tone of grey leather and walnut veneers have been carefully selected to pair as a duo.

Although prices are individual to your Special Day's requirements, this 'perfect pair' can be hired from as little as £450.00 - with a maximum guest seating capacity of 13.