Get the Daimler Limosuine (7 seater) two ways for just £250 *call for details*

Other Cars


The Bentley Continental GT

'Bentley's Continental GT became synonymous with the most luxurious and refined handcrafting balanced with performance character' - Bentley Motors 

This recognisable statement of prestige motoring is finished in Arctic Silver with a beige leather trim and dark walnut veneers.  This elegant sports car is the ideal transport for the Groom and his entourage.

The Maserati Ghibli

'A bold statement elegantly delivered because you're not like everyone else' - Maserati   

Finished in untouched 'Grigio' metallic Grey, with the contrasting 'Sabbia' unmarked ‘trident’ embossed leather trim; this modern, attractive, empowering saloon, demands a road presence to be noticed. Wheter it be the Bridal car, the Groom car, or the Bridesmaids car, it will not disappoint. 

Not only is 'Maserati' an icon of style and luxury described as 'Naturally imbued with our motor racing DNA!' but simply perfection to the ears.